Maritime Trainee is one of the leading management trainee programs in Norway. It is organized for the industry by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. The program lasts for 18 months and combines working in a world leading maritime company with an academic program with five modules in Norway, Singapore and London. This is an outstanding way to start a career in our most global industry, where Norway is one of the leading nations. 

The program consists of four elements:

1. Your day-to-day work will be for one of the participating companies’

2. You will be assigned a mentor with experience from the industry

3. You will participate in five academic modules in Norway, Singapore & the UK

4. You will become part of Maritime Trainee Alumni Network

If you are about to finish your master’s degree in technology, business, IT or law you should consider applying to this renowned program. Applicants with 1-2 years of experience will also be considered. The application deadline for Maritime Trainee group 15 has now expired. Please follow us in 2022 for new available positions!


As part of the program, you will participate in five academic modules. The academic modules serve several purposes. The most important of these is to build relevant competence through lectures, group work, and company presentations. In addition, the modules serve as a meeting place for exchange of experience as well as a social arena for networking. Altogether this will give a broad overview of the activities in the maritime industry.


You will be part of the Maritime Trainee Alumni Network. The network consists of more than 220 former trainees.


Throughout the trainee period you are employed in one of the participating companies.  You will be part of the daily operations of that company and will gain knowledge about its different operations worldwide. Some of the companies also offer you a chance to spend some time abroad, normally up to six months.


Every company appoints a mentor for their trainee. This will be an experienced senior person who knows the company and the industry well. Among the responsibilities of the mentor is overlooking the trainee’s professional development. Your mentor will follow you throughout the trainee period.