Available positions

Available positions

The recruitment period primarily takes place from August to October, with start up the upcoming fall. This year’s recruitment period is now over, but more positions may still be announced for the next group.

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The following companies are currently part of the programme

Maritime Services
Höegh Autoliners
Shipowning Company
Höegh LNG
Shipowning Company/Maritime Infrastructure
Torvald Klaveness
Shipowning Company
SANDS Advokatfirma
Law Firm
Simon Møkster Shipping
Shipowning Company
Odfjell Drilling
Drill and Rig Company
Odfjell Technology
Technological Service Provider
Fred Olsen Windcarrier
Shipowning Company
Shipowning Company
Altera Infrastructure
Shipping/Maritime Infrastructure
Shipowning Company
Wikborg Rein
Law Firm
Maritime Insurance